Welcome to CALABAR Alumni Association

Calabar Alumni Association, Florida chapter, is an organization committed to helping the community in worthwhile projects and civic matters including charitable endeavors at home and abroad. We aim to make positive changes by reducing adverse conditions such as violence, hunger and illiteracy.

We will focus on improving educational standards and not only meet but exceed performance standards while serving the community with honor and integrity. We hope to build a positive relationship with other alumni associations, fraternities and sorioties in the State of Florida and elsewhere with focus on improving needy schools. We aim to follow the law and conduct our matters in an ethical and responsible manner thereby setting an example for youngsters to emulate. We aim to selflessly volunteer our service and skills for the betterment of needy students.

We aim to encourage sponsorship of needy students at Calabar High School and other disadvantaged school by facilitating donations from individuals, groups and corporations.
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