Board of Directors Meetings

The Calabar High School Alumni Association Florida Chapter Inc. (Calabar Alumni Florida)  Board of Directors (BOD) installed in October of 2020, will meet on the first Thursday of every month unless otherwise specified by the President, 


General Membership Meetings

The Bylaws state that there must be at least one annual general meeting that must be noticed no less than 30 days prior to the date of the meeting.  However, it is the wish of the Board to have general membership meetings at least once per quarter to provide the members with Chapter updates, guest speakers and other activities.

The BOD wants to engage the Rabalac Lions in organized alumni activities, both in-person and online and invite you to volunteer and network. Our wish is that you get involved and stay in touch with that place ... at 61 Red Hills Road that transforms boys into men.

Past Activities

The Flyers of past Chapter activities are shown below.

Officer installation cerEmony (2).jpg
Cbar Florida Nominate (1).png
Cbar Florida Register (5).jpg
Cbar Alumni Florida Announcement (3).jpg