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The nomination period is open!

Calabar Alumni Florida invites the nominations of persons to be candidates for the election to serve on the Calabar High School Alumni Association Florida Chapter (Calabar Alumni Florida) Board of Directors for the 2022-2024 term. The deadline for accepting nominations is NOW September 15, 2022, at 11 PM Eastern. To nominate someone, simply complete the  Nomination Form below.

The Board of Directors includes the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer plus Directors from each decade, beginning from the 1960s to the 2020s and the Immediate Past President. To read more about all the positions that are up for election and the process, click here.

The information you provide below will be used by the Nomination Committee to confirm membership and certify the slate of candidates for the Board of Directors election. Candidates will be on the ballot for election by Calabar Florida Alumni membership.

Important Dates!


Sept 30, 2022







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September 1.jpg

Extended to Sept 15

Nom Form
Nomination Form
Please use this form to nominate a person or yourself for one of the positions on the Board of Directors. 
1.  Even If you are not a registered member and you want to make a nomination, go ahead and do so! 
But remember you must register to be a member (at any level) before the nomination deadline, September 15, 2022, at 11 PM Eastern to make your nomination valid.  You can register for membership here.

2. The person that you nominate (the "nominee") should also be a registered member
by the nomination deadline If you don't know if the nominee is a registered member, please still go ahead and complete the nomination form. But please contact your nominee and encourage him to register before the nomination deadline.
Please provide your Information
Are you a registered member of Calabar Alumni Florida? If yes, what level?
Please provide information on the person(s) you would like to nominate, that is the Nominee (Note: You can nominate yourself).​ If you want to nominate a person for more than one position, complete the form again. (Please note that a person can eventually only be elected to one position)
Nominated Person (Nominee)
How can we contact the person? We need a phone number for sure (and his email if you know it)

Be sure to click the "Submit" button below to complete your nomination. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered above.

The deadline has passed. This form no longer accepts submissions.

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